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Sniffer - Packet sniffer and protocol analyzer.
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Network Sniffing

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The Distinct Network Packet Sniffing Toolkit is for software developers who need to integrate specialized features in their applications that require capturing of network traffic.
Distinct Packet Sniffing Toolkit is a sniffing library and packet capture engine for C#, C++, and VB (Visual Basic) developers. The components included in this Toolkit (Trace File, Capture Session, Protocol Parser, Packet Filter and Packet Info Objects) allow developers to integrate the capability of capturing packets and analyzing network traffic right in their applications. The API is extremely flexible but also simple to use by those developers who do not wish to do NIC enumeration and selection themselves but simply wish to capture traffic from all the NIC cards on the system and save it to a file. For these users a simple call to start the capture will automatically do all this for them.

Object Summary

The following provides a brief introduction of each Packet Sniffing Object. These objects are well integrated and can be called from each other. The included programming samples illustrate how the various objects work. In addition, the Programming Guide contains short code segments, which show how to use the DNM objects as building blocks to implement higher-level functionality.

Trace File Object

The trace file object represents a packet trace file. Methods allow reading packets from an existing trace file as well as writing packets to a new or existing trace file. Existing trace files can be overwritten or appended to. Packets can be exported from one trace file object to another. This Object does not need to be called during the actual capture. You will need to call it when the resulting capture file is parsed.

Capture Session Object

The Capture Session object represents a packet capture session. The methods in this object support enumeration of all available network adapters in addition to starting, pausing, resuming and stopping a packet capture from a single or from multiple network adapters. The application may receive the captured packets by polling or through an event or they can be directly saved to a file.

Protocol Parser Object

The Protocol Parser Object is the interface to the collection of protocol parsers. It analyzes the packet and breaks it up into the different protocol levels. Each protocol level includes two summary lines as well as multiple detail lines.

Packet Filter Object

This Packet Filter Object creates, enumerates, modifies, renames, deletes and applies a filter to a packet capture. The filter may be applied at capture time which means that only packets that meet the filter criteria will be saved, or it can be applied to an existing capture file.

PacketInfo Object

This PacketInfo Object contains the packet details of retrieved packets and is populated by the TraceFile and CaptureSession Objects. It gives your application access to the packet details such as packet length, the time a packet was captured, the actual packet content etc. It is used along with the TraceFile and CaptureSession Objects to give packet details to the application.

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