Packet Sniffer

Sniffer and Monitor Software Picks
Sniffer - Packet sniffer and protocol analyzer.
MSN Sniffer - Monitor MSN messenger sessions.
Password Sniffer - Monitor password usage.
HTTP Sniffer - Capture Internet web traffic on LAN.
Network Monitoring - Monitor your network traffic.


Internet Monitoring Software

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Monitor Internet access on your network.


Related Sniffer & Network Monitoring Software:

HTTP Sniffer - Capture HTTP packets, monitor Internet web traffic, and show URL visited by LAN users.
Password Sniffer - Monitor password from HTTP, email (SMTP/POP3), FTP, TELNET on LAN.
Packet Sniffer - Capture network packets and provide view for full TCP conversations and UDP threads.
MSN Sniffer & Monitor - Capture MSN messenger chat and conversations on your network.


Whether you want to Monitor, Filter or Block computer and Internet activity, Security Software Systems has the solution for you. With Policy Central or Cyber Sentinel Network you can eliminate non-productivity, limit legal liability, reduce network congestion and manage risks associated computer usage.

Liability, productivity and bandwidth consumption challenges are not just through the browser. Rather, these challenges exist throughout user desktop applications including: instant messaging, emails, attachments, peer-to-peer applications and all Windows applications.

Employee inappropriate computer use for entertainment and shopping activities, employee harassment and misuse of confidential data form a broader and more complex organizational security problem. According to CSI and Information Security, browser related misuse is only 20% of the problem, and computer misuse at the desktop is estimated to be 80% of the total problem.

How to use HTTP Sniffer to monitor web access and http traffic

A HTTP Sniffer could listen passively on your network and capture http packets only. After real-time analyzing, it could present who have surfed where and when. It is very easy to do the Internet monitoring with the handy software.