Packet Sniffer

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Sniffer - Packet sniffer and protocol analyzer.
MSN Sniffer - Monitor MSN messenger sessions.
Password Sniffer - Monitor password usage.
HTTP Sniffer - Capture Internet web traffic on LAN.
Network Monitoring - Monitor your network traffic.


Computer Monitoring and Internet Spy Software

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Monitor all Emplyees on their Computers in Network in real time. Keep an Eye on your Children Online Activity.

Spy software for remote computer monitoring through LAN in real time or recording all Internet, email, chat and other activity on your PC. Monitor your employees or students on network computers remotely. Monitor your child on local home PC with our spy software for parental control. Get full computer usage statistics. Software, which runs invisible and records everything users do on their computers.

Monitor all computers in LAN remotely from a single administrator's PC.

Keep an eye on your employees or students. Do they play games or surf Internet during the work time? What do they write in email or chat? This computer spy software is for real time monitoring and continuous tracking of users' activities on network connected computers. View remotely in real time screens of the remote computers, typed keystrokes, visited Internet sites history, used applications, record all activity to the log file and do much more with this powerfull application.
Combine log files from different computers and export to HTML or MS Excel for advanced analysis. Have full computer usage statistics.

Computer monitoring software that runs invisible and records how your employee, child or spouse uses computer.
Activity Logger is a computer spy software that invisibly records to the log file visited Internet URLs, keystrokes in email, chats and all applications, programs user runs and work duration in every application, records screenshots, like video surveillance camera. Captured snapshots can be viewed later as the slide show. Log file can be emailed to you silently when computer goes online.
Log files can be exported to HTML or MS Excel to get different useful reports. Have Internet, email and every application usage statistics.
This computer spy software lets you know how your PC is used, while you are away.

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HTTP Sniffer - Capture HTTP packets, monitor Internet web traffic, and show URL visited by LAN users.
Password Sniffer - Monitor password from HTTP, email (SMTP/POP3), FTP, TELNET on LAN.
Packet Sniffer - Capture network packets and provide view for full TCP conversations and UDP threads.
MSN Sniffer & Monitor - Capture MSN messenger chat and conversations on your network.