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Sniffer - Packet sniffer and protocol analyzer.
MSN Sniffer - Monitor MSN messenger sessions.
Password Sniffer - Monitor password usage.
HTTP Sniffer - Capture Internet web traffic on LAN.
Network Monitoring - Monitor your network traffic.


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NetCop is the newest and most powerful internet spyware detection system available. NetCop offers maximum strength security and protects you from keyloggers and spyware that track your computer and internet activity. Although there are similiar products like NetCop System Shield, there are none that can match the 24 hour protection that NetCop offers it's clientel. With NetCop installed on your PC you can rest assured your privacy will not be invaded.

Product Information:

NetCop System Shield is a revolutionary new spyware detection and removal application that offers around the clock protection to home and corporate users. NetCop offers maximum strength security and protects your home or netwoked enviroment from malicious spyware and keylogger applications that secretly record your online activity. NetCop offers the highest quality protection for all Pc users. Stop intruders now before your privacy is invaded! NetCop offers the security you need 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

There are over 175+ easy to use and undetectable computer activity recording software products available to anyone with no questions asked. Some of these spy products are freeware and can be quickly downloaded and installed on any computer, anywhere, at anytime !

What does this mean to you ?

  • Capture & record every web site you visit
  • Capture & record every email you read or write
  • Capture & record every chat room you enter
  • Capture & record your credit card information
  • Capture & record your banking information
  • Capture & record all your passwords
  • Capture & record everything you type or click on your computer!


Snoopware was originally designed with the corporate customer in mind. Most small companies have adopted the use of snoopware in order to help curb harassment claims. This legitimate use of snoopware hides its more malevolent use: the invasion of your privacy. Your employer can use snoopware to monitor your PC activities throughout the day. Many employers use data gathered by snoopware to gain access to personal information, such as access to your passwords and private email accounts.


Has hubby been dropping hints that hefs curious about what you do when hefs at the office? Are you one of those women who use the Internet? Has he ever gjokedh that while hefs slaving away at the office, youfre playing on the Internet instead of doing housework? One software manufacturer boasts that after a husband discovered his wifefs affair by the use of their snoopware, he tracked down her lover and severely injured him.


Do you work in a highly competitive workplace? Could it benefit your coworkers to know what is on your computer? Do you deal with client- or company-sensitive data? Just how secure is your data? Your coworkers might be looking for information that your employer expects you to keep confidential. Do you want to be the employee who gets accused of betraying your employerfs confidence?


Some parents have been so kind as to provide their adult children with the gift of a computer. The snoopware is just an added benefit for the parents. One woman received a computer from her parents so she could keep up with her studies at college. They installed snoopware so they could keep up on her activities. Her parents read all her email, including the ones in which she wrote to friends about her sex life at college.

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